How to Style a Cuban Chain in 3 Ways

A stylish, must have piece of jewelry is the Cuban chain. 

Cuban chains (or Cuban links) have been a staple piece of jewellery for the last several decades, regardless of how fashion has changed over the years. With its popularity stemming from hip hop culture, Cuban links has been introduced into mainstream fashion due to their versatility in style and size, making it one of the most popular golden necklace designs. With its distinct design of interconnected golden loops that lay nicely around your neck, a Cuban chain or multiple chains can give your outfit that bold and cool touch. 

Let me show you some of the different tips we have when it comes to wearing Cuban chains.  

3 Ways to Style Cuban chains

1. Solo or Layered? 

Cuban chains can be considered a statement necklace to be worn on its own, but on the days that we want to add a little bit of power and boldness to our look, we can always layer them up. 

Hot tip! 

When it comes to layering your Cuban chains make sure you start with one chain of a certain length and go 2-3 inches longer or shorter with the next. 

Some people have asked me whether the chains need to have a 2-3 inch difference…

And the answer is, no. The chains can be any length you wish, however making them consistently different in length just gives them an even separation, creating a more stylish and cleaner look. 

If you don’t have a Cuban chain or trying to find a good starting point, check out our Cuban Link Chain (thin cuban link chain) and you can try layering it with our Cuban Chunky Chain (thicker cuban link chain). 

cuban chain necklace

2. Shine bright with some bling!

Nothing draws more attention and adds some pop to your Cuban chain than some bling. Whether it be wearing a diamond Cuban chain or layering your chain with a diamond necklace (or other shiny stones) on top, adding some sparkle can go a long way. With this in mind, try to keep your outfit more casual. A simple outfit with a Cuban chain and some sparkle, will give you all the sophistication you need for a good night out. 

Trying to find the right bling to go with your Cuban chain? Check out our Baguette Crystal Necklace here, a short gold crystal necklace, perfect for layering with our 18-inch Cuban Link Chain. 

baguette crystal necklace

3. Personal touches with a Pendant

To add some personality to your Cuban chains and to standout from others, adding a pendant of your choice can bring your whole look together. Cuban chains are very versatile and can look great when matched with other pendants. Try layering your chain with another golden necklace and a pendant that speaks to your personality. 

For something meaningful and elegant, check our necklaces and pendants from our “The Manifestation Collection” and “Protect Your Energy Collection”. 

evil eye jewelry

Wrapping Up 

A golden Cuban chain is an iconic piece of jewelry everyone should have in their collection. Whether you are dressing up or down, Cuban links can give your outfit the perfect, finishing touches. Follow the above tips to help create your own personal style for wearing Cuban chains.