TikTok Famous Jewelry Trends in 2022

If want to keep up with all the trends, our go-to resource is TikTok. Already this year, we have seen 3 major jewelry trends and we are LOVING them:

1. Chunky Necklaces

2. Signet Rings

3. Stacked Gold Basics

Chunky Necklaces

One of our fave 2022 trends is chunky anything. Chunky shoes, chunky rings and especially chunky necklaces.

The 70s are making a comeback, and so is all the gold. Gold Cuban link chains and their matching bracelets are products of the early 70s during the first years of hip-hop. 

And the best part? You can layer as many as you’d like together.

If having an excess of necklaces isn’t your thing, you can balance out the chunky gold with delicate pieces. A few lighter necklaces to match, and you’ve got yourself a completed look.

chunky necklaces

Signet and Dome Rings

Signet rings and Dome rings are a big vibe right now and are making a huge comeback. 

Traditionally known as the 'gentleman's ring', the signet ring is traditionally seen as a symbol of family heritage. Now, signet rings are worn as an expression of style, or sentimental connection. This one is our favorite. 

Dome rings give off a luxurious croissant vibe, and we are here for it. Don't trust me? They're all over TikTok right now. Try this one which is affordable but luxe.

 tiktok jewelry trend


Stacked Gold Basics

The old adage “less is more” doesn’t really apply here. Layering or stacking jewelry is a great way to add glam to an otherwise plain outfit. It is especially helpful if you are trying to transition from work to a more playful, evening look. Instead of bringing an extra outfit with you, simply switch out your flats for heels and layer your neckline up with necklaces of varying lengths to get a luxurious and sophisticated look. 

Whether you’re staking slim gold bands with a chunky gemstone statement ring, or deciding to mix and match precious metal necklaces for a more boho vibe, stacking is a fan favorite for 2022.

layering necklaces gold basics