Top 3 Trends in Jewelry in 2022

Here are the top 3 trends in jewelry in 2022:

Layered necklaces

Statement pendant necklaces

Stacking rings

Layered Necklaces

Layering is a classic trend, but layering various metals, thicknesses and pendants is something new and has recently been spotted on various celebrities and “It-girls” around the world. 

layering necklaces

The rule here is that there are no rules. Layer thin, thick, gold, silver, delicate pieces in whichever way you love. For a more subtle style try layering gold necklaces that are delicate and easy to stack with other similar necklaces. 

Alternatively, if you want to make a simple outfit bold, choose chunkier pieces and layer them with necklaces of various lengths. 

Some great layering basics include this Amora necklace and Cuban Link chain

Statement Pendant Necklaces

Are you not quite ready to commit to layered necklaces? You can also level up your look with statement pendant necklaces. 

pendant necklace

Statement necklaces can be large, but we prefer smaller pendants that have meaning (and are even conversation starters). Whenever you rock a pendant necklace, you can either leave your ears bare or you can pair it with smaller earrings like these mini hoops

We absolutely love this 11:11 pendant necklace and this Evil Eye necklace

Stacking Rings

Ring stacking is my favorite look and they are a wardrobe must-have. No matter what necklace or earrings you’re wearing, stacking rings on your fingers will elevate your look.

ring stacking gold

They'll play perfectly with other jewelry and create details that will always make you feel well put together. Best of all you can build up a collection of stacking rings that you can wear in endlessly different combinations depending on your mood and outfit.

The secret to finding your own style is to pay attention to those small details that reflect your personality. Anyone can buy the same shirt from a popular store, but it's how you make it yours that matters. 

My favorite rings to stack are the Cruller ring and the Gabriella ring.